Playboy Magazine April 1996 Samantha Torres

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  • Condition: Due to the age of the magazine issue, some may have minor wear and tear including but not limited to creases, foxing, bumping, page discoloration, minor tears, and ripples.
Playboy Magazine April 1996 Samantha Torres

Playmate of the Month Gillian Bonner photographed by Richard Fegley.

Interview Salman Rushdie by David Sheff.

Profile "Gerry Spence: Buckaroo Barrister" by Harry Jaffe.

20 Questions Michael Madsen by David Rensin.

Features "What's New" by Jamie Malanowski "Inside Buchanan's Bunker" by Jonathan Franklin "Everything You've Heard About Mutual Funds is Wrong" by Robert S. Wieder.

Women of the Internet Nicki Lewis, Carla Sinclair, Stacey Todd, Sazzy Varga, Lisa Birkeland Kimberly Ann, Nidori, Natasha Terry, Katelynne Amber, Natasha Terry, Lily Burana, Tess Hennessy, Lucy Lipps, Pam Luu, Nicole Marie and Danni Ashe.

Tammi Alexander photographed by Pompeo Posar, Lillian Muller photographed by Arny Freytag and Stephen Wayda, photo by Helmut Newton, Samantha Torres (cover).
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